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Our Story

Hello, and welcome to our site! We are a family owned business, with a passion for warts, or the painless permanent removal of them ;)

Our journey with warts has been long, gruesome, frustrating, and interesting to say the least!

It began a few years back when our oldest son was about 9 years old. First, we noticed just a couple of warts pop up on his right knee. We thought no big deal, we can get rid of those no problem. First, we started with the typical drugstore treatments, salicylic acid of course. However, within three months those 2 warts had spread into nine warts all around his knee area, and three new warts had grown on his right hand. We continued being consistent with the salicylic acid, which was not a great solution for a 9 year old. As you may know, this treatment can burn for the first few minutes when applied to the wart. But we were sure this treatment would work if we just kept at it! After just over 2 months, some of the warts may have decreased a bit in size, however it was apparent the treatment was not working.

We researched and tried several other over the counter treatments- one being the at home freezing treatment. This treatment was painful tears were definitely shed, but we were hopeful THIS would definitely work! Two of the warts actually went away with this treatment, however within a month, the warts had come back with vengeance. They were both even bigger in size than before when we treated them. The warts continued to spread from his knee now down his shin, even onto some of his toes. His hand warts also became more aggressive and grew from only 3-4 warts, to almost his entire hand being covered. Warts were now on the outer side of his hand, up and down his fingers, and majority all along the inside of his palm. We had counted over 20 warts on his one right hand alone! These, along with his knee, chin and foot- you can imagine how overwhelming and embarrassing this was for our son! And extremely frustrating as a parent, that we could not get these warts under control.

Now at this point, we knew our efforts had been exhausted. The drugstore treatments, at home remedies, and freezing treatments were not even budging these warts. It was time to make the trip to the dermatologist. The doctor recommended the laser treatment along with some freezing to burn the warts off. We ended up going weekly to the doctor for a total of 6 treatments. The most painful warts for him to have lasered off were his hand, so many tears! Even mom in the background ;) We spent over $700 for removal of these warts, and we were thrilled to have them gone...or so we thought!

Within a few months, a few of the warts had started coming back! A short time after that, our worst nightmare happened...ALL OF THE WARTS RETURNED.

This was extremely hard for our son as he was starting to get questions and comments from kids at school about how bad the warts on his hand were. He would only wear pants to school to cover the warts on his leg, and would never raise his right hand to answer questions in class, always keeping his hand closed and hidden to keep people from seeing. This was probably the hardest part as a parent!

We felt like we had tried everything and yet nothing could kill these warts for good.

This was where I decided to step in. Being in the herbal vitamin industry for just about 10 years, I knew I needed to create a better solution! I reached out to an acquaintance who worked in the skin care industry as a formulator to see if he knew anything about treating warts. We worked together to create a few formulas to test out. After lots of testing, tweaking, and trying out different ingredients, we created the perfect blend of clinically proven ingredients combined together with natural ingredients. FINALLY! Our proprietary blend was born!

Within two weeks time, my son’s warts were flattening and beginning to shrink in size. While we were super excited about this, we were still a little hesitant on whether they would disappear for good. Three weeks later almost half of the warts were almost gone! And within another two weeks all of the warts were completely gone. His 20 hand warts and combination of 20+ warts on his knee, leg, and foot, all had flattened and vanished within a 6-8 week time frame. Now, 4 years later and they are still gone!

Soon we started having friends and family ask us how we had gotten rid of all our sons warts because they were searching for a solution as well. Of course we wanted to share our knowledge, and gave out samples for them to try for themselves. Guess what, it worked just as effective and fast for them too! Since then we have helped countless people remove their warts with our cream, and the best part... it was tearless, pain-free, and did not require several expensive trips to the doctor!

We’ve had a few more warts pop up in our family as well. Our other son and daughter both have had stubborn warts that needed to get gone fast! A few were on a finger, toe, knee, elbow and the cream worked just as amazing for them. The warts were flattened within a few weeks, and completely disappeared. You could say our family has had quite an adventure with warts! One, that we hope to never experience again ;) but if it does, we’re prepared!

We were so thrilled that our formula has helped so many, we wanted to share it with the world! Warts are pesky, easily irritated, embarrassing and just temperamental to rid!

We are so sure our advanced formula will work for you, that if it doesn't we offer a 60 day Money Back Guarantee!

Thanks for reading, and we hope our product will bring you the same