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A wart remover that works

Have you tried almost everything? 

• Painful treatments at the Doctors office either by freezing, or that awful laser. And even if they disappear for a short time, they only come back? Sometimes even bigger? 

• Countless liquids or gels that burn and sting, only to find 2 months later the wart is still there?

• Essential oils that are messy to apply, and smell too strong?

Science Meets Nature - Lumiva is a proprietary formula unlike any other product. It was created with both clinically proven and natural ingredients and took over a year to fully develop. Lumiva is non-toxic, pain free, odor free, and highly effective. 

Made with clinically proven ingredients

Collaxyl™ (Hexapeptide-9) is a clinically proven peptide that quickly triggers the skin into regeneration of its damaged cells. Causing the skin to heal itself.

Works without burning, stinging or pain

Most wart removers use Salicylic Acid to try and burn the wart away. This is what causes the burning sensation from these types of treatments. Our formula is Salicylic Acid free and painless.

Works quickly, and keeps warts away!

Some treatments can take 2-3 months to work. (if they work at all). Our customers on average start seeing results at 2-4 weeks, and complete removal at 6 weeks. Sometimes sooner!

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